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THIS IS HIJABI KANYE. No, we will not be changing our name because of Kanye’s antics. No matter what he says or does, Kanye will always be Kanye and that will never change. And that’s exactly what this blog is about. Being true to yourself no matter whether people like it or not. No ragrets. No folding. (Yes, I spelled that correctly and I don’t ragret it)

Over the 5 years that we’ve had this blog (posting consistently or not), we learned that compromising your identity to make yourself more friendly, more likable, and more appealing is not worth it. In the past we’ve put emphasis on presenting yourself well to people, but today we realize that involves caring about other people’s opinions. At the end of the day, do you. Whatever you are, be BOLD and proud of yourself. Selling your soul to be trendy and follow the wave is so lame. How do you expect people to like you for you if you don’t even like yourself?

In today’s culture, sometimes people tend to compare themselves to others. “How do I look like that? I want that. I need his outfit. She looks happy doing that, maybe I need to.” There’s a lack of inspiration and so much copying. We need to accept that everyone has their own path, and understand that people’s online persona’s aren’t real. We’re trying so hard to compete and be “the first hijabi to do xyz” rather than actually enjoying & contributing to the culture like normal people. We’re too busy trying to outdo or impress each other, we’re not giving credit or praise where it due. Do you know how many times people will ask where you got something from in a picture, but they don’t even like the picture or follow you? Have our egos become that big of a monster? We will always push for CONFIDENCE, but not EGO.

I think the solution to these issues on perception is you have to deep the reason why behind your life choices. For example, why am I wearing hijab? Am I wearing it because it’s what I’m used to? Am I wearing it for a fashion statement? Am I wearing it because not many girls do? Am I wearing it to balance out not so modest behavior? Am I wearing it because Trump is in office? Am I wearing it to be defiant in society? Continuous self-reflection will ensure better decision making and better moves for every one.

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