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Finally. FINALLY. I am so happy I get to write this. 2016’s Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week will go down in history as THE FIRST to present a collection that features hijabs WITH EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT. This collection is designed by an amazing Muslim designer named Anniesa Hasibuan. She is from Indonesia and shares that she wanted her line to reflect the country’s rich culture through its well-known ethnic mosaics.

All I can say is WOW! This line of clothing is SERIOUSLY STUNNING m’A. I am head over heels with every single little detail: from the color scheme of the royal gold and pink with the neutral earth tones, to the accessories like the bold belts and statement necklaces, to the versatile pieces such as tunics, skirts, jackets, and dresses. The layering on the runway was brilliantly done and don’t get me started on the fabric. Pearl adorned and embroidered fabrics are to die for, and seen in familiar lines such as Balmain, but the way Hasibuan showcased them was so unique. The line featured silk, brocade, velvet, and more. Even the diversity of the models used showed how socially aware the designer is, seeing as many brands tend to lean towards using white models to represent Muslim women in advertisements. Anniesa Hasibuan should be so proud of what she accomplished.

This was the type of pizzazz I wanted to see in Dolce and Gabbana’s abaya line that released earlier this year, featuring designs that are very similar to what we see today in souqs. This shows that Anniesa Hasibuan didn’t want to just cater to the Muslim market, she wanted to use her creativity to send a message of not inclusion, but audaciousness. I am not surprised she was met with a standing ovation. Inshallah this will lead to more brands to understanding that there is so much potential in creating Muslim-friendly attire. If you enjoy this post feel free to share, comment, subscribe, and follow the blog’s Instagram. Until next time!



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