What is Hijabi Kanye?

For our first blog post, we kind of want to explain the meaning and purpose of this blog. First off, we’re not calling ourselves the “Hijabi Kanyes”. Hijabi Kanye is sort of something my sister and I came up with through conversation. There’s a saying out there: “Every morning I wake up and ask myself, what would Kanye wear?” Everyone knows Kanye West is an incredibly creative person, who dances to his own tune whether anyone likes it or not. Everything he does from his music to his fashion screams originality. He is an icon for going against the grain and pushing boundaries, which is why we think people admire him so much. We think everyone has an inner-Kanye (or Beyonce, or whatever you want to call it) where you’re your own biggest fan and your self-confidence lives.
Within the past year and a half, my sister and I started wearing hijab again. As most hijabis know, it is REALLY important to prepare your outfit and present yourself well. So much goes into modest dressing: layering, accessorizing, hijab -style, etc. For others, a good hair day can easily over shadow what a person is wearing. However for hijabis, when your outfit doesn’t look put together well, it can make you look sloppy as a whole. Today we live in an era where Muslim women can express themselves through so many different styles of clothing. With this blog, we want to pay homage to this and share our taste in fashion, style, beauty, and life.
One morning, my sister and I were getting ready for school and had a hard time picking out what to wear. At the time, I was still getting used to wearing my hijab, so it was definitely a struggle to not be late to class. I went to her room to ask for her advice, but she was indecisive as well. She stared at her closet and said, “Every morning I wake up and ask myself, what would hijabi Kanye wear?” This stuck with me because, not only was it a funny twist on the saying, it was a statement meaning modest people can get their Kanye on.  
We think the definition of hijabi is a Muslim woman who chooses to wear hijab. In the Quran, Allah says that Muslim women should wear hijab, and we completely respect that. Muslim women should choose hijab when they understand what it means and what it stands for. We don’t think a Muslim woman should be forced into wearing a hijab. In the media, Islam is portrayed to be this forceful religion that demeans its women, and that’s completely false.  We want everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, to know that a hijab shouldn’t define a Muslim woman. We know so many girls who know and practice their deen better than girls that wear the hijab. Girls shouldn’t be pressured into anything including hijab. That being said, we’ll probably share our hijab stories in its own post.
The point is this blog isn’t only for hijabis. We learned to embrace our own taste and style and we want to help others to do the same. This blog is for anyone who wants to channel their inner-Kanye and we hope that you guys enjoy everything we put on here. We have so many ideas for this and we can’t wait to share them with you all. Comment below if you have any post suggestions. Until next time.

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